Australia country of origin claims for Menu Items

Review Australia country of origin claims for menu items and download assets.


Fillet helps you to manage Australian country of origin information for your menu items.

This is also referred to as Australian country of origin labelling or "Australia CoOL".

The Fillet web app provides tools that support the process of compliance with Australian Consumer Law, specifically, the Country of Origin Food Labelling Information Standard 2016 (the "Standard").

The English name of each country of origin claim are a direct reference to the Standard.

The Fillet web app also provides translations of claim names for the official English names defined in the Standard.

These translations of claim names are provided for your convenience only, as English is the required language for Australian country of origin labelling according the Standard.

Australia country of origin claims

Fillet helps you to determine your menu items' eligibiity for Australian CoOL.

This determination is based on the menu item's components, specifically, ingredients.

Fillet provides an overview of standard marks ("Eligible", "Not eligible", "Indeterminate" and "All" options) to assist you in your determination a menu item's Australian CoOL.

In this release, Fillet provides the following standard marks to represent Australian origin for menu items:

Official name of claim (from the Standard) Name as shown in Fillet web app
Grown in Australia "Grown in Australia"
Australia grown "Australia grown"
Produced in Australia "Produced in Australia"
Produce of Australia "Produce of Australia"
Product of Australia "Product of Australia"
Australian produce "Australian produce"
Australian product "Australian product"
Made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients "Made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients"
Made in Australia from Australian ingredients "Made in Australia from Australian ingredients"

You can download standard marks for your menu items your preferred format: PDF or PNG

Access this functionality

In the Fillet web app, go to the "Labels" tab inside the Menu tab.

You can view all ingredients contained in the selected menu item, including ingredients inside recipes.

For each ingredient, you can see its Australia country of origin claim and the claim timestamp. This timestamp shows the date and time of the most recently saved change to that ingredient's claim information.