Introduction to Fillet Teams

Learn about Teams and how to set up your Organization account.

What is Fillet Teams?

Fillet Teams is a type of Fillet subscription plan: you can share data with every member in an organization, manage team members, and more.

When you purchase a Team subscription plan, you will enter a name for your Organization. After you successfully complete your purchase, you automatically become the Administrator for that Organization.

You can purchase more than one Team subscription, and you can be the Administrator for multiple Organizations at the same time.

Set up a new Organization

When you purchase a Team subscription plan, your new Organization is instantly created.

You can start setting up your team and Organization data:

  • Sign in to your Organization account in Fillet apps
  • Add team members to your Organization
  • Send email invites to join your Organization
  • Transfer data to your Organization from a personal Fillet account

To avoid data issues, remember to select your Organization whenever you sign in to Fillet.