Use Inventory to track different amounts of Ingredients you have in stock.

Use Inventory to track different amounts of Ingredients you have in stock.

Inventory management

Scan barcode to quickly find an Ingredient.

Update inventory by scanning a barcode even when you are offline.

An Inventory Count records the amount of an Ingredient you have in stock at a specific date and time.

Rapid stock takes

See the current amounts of ingredients that you have in stock.Get an overview of total amounts of an ingredient across different locations.
On iOS, use barcode scan or name search to look up an ingredient and update inventory amounts.

Consume inventory

Consume Inventory deducts amounts of an Ingredient from your Inventory.

When you make a recipe,
you can update your inventory to reflect ingredient amounts used in that recipe. This keeps your inventory data fresh.

Inventory Locations

An Inventory Location is a location where your Ingredients are stored. You can track different Ingredient amounts in different Inventory locations.

If your business stocks ingredients in several different locations, you can create Inventory locations for each one. For example, “Main kitchen”, “Mobile kitchen”, “Warehouse”.

Total Inventory Value

Total Inventory Value uses your Ingredient Prices and Inventory Counts to calculate the total value of your Ingredients in Inventory.

Ingredient’s Inventory Counts

Export your Inventory data to a CSV file, or to print.

From daily stock takes to quarterly reviews, inventory management is crucial to any business' bottom line.

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