Delete all prices for the selected vendor

When you select “Import price data for existing vendor”, you can also delete all prices for the selected vendor.

There is an option to delete all prices for an existing vendor. This option is available when you upload a file and prepare to start the import process.

Before you start the import process, check that you synced all devices where you use Fillet mobile apps. Otherwise your data may be outdated.

Meaning of this action

Existing vendor:This is a vendor that already exists in your Fillet data.

All prices for that vendor:These are prices that have been synced to Fillet.

Note:If you don’t see the vendor that you want to use, check that you synced your data in the Fillet mobile apps and all your devices.

Results of selecting this option

This option will be applied during the import process. Fillet will delete all prices for that vendor and then import the data from the file that you uploaded.

The results of this option are as follows:

  • All existing prices from the selected vendor will be deleted.
  • New prices for the selected vendor will be imported.
  • The name of the selected vendor will be unchanged.

Effect on ingredients

If an ingredient has prices from several vendors:
  • During the import process, Fillet will delete only the price or prices from the selected vendor.
  • Prices from other vendors will not be affected.

If an ingredient has only one vendor, which is the selected vendor:

During the import process, that ingredient will be deleted.

When to use this option

Use caution when selecting this option because this action cannot be undone.

Use this option if you are sure that you want to delete all prices from the selected vendor.

Otherwise, you can review your data after the import is complete and select the prices that you want to delete.

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