Warnings and errors in nutrition calculations

Learn about the difference between warnings and errors in nutrition calculations and how to resolve these issues.

Outcomes of nutrition calculations

These outcomes apply to both recipes and menu items.

  • Complete calculation of a nutrient amount

    If all components have amounts for a specific nutrient, this is ideal, and Fillet can calculate the total amount of that nutrient in that object. (In this situation, you would not see any warnings or errors.)
  • "No data" for a nutrient amount

    If none of the components have any data for a specific nutrient, there is no issue, and Fillet will simply show “No data”. (In this situation, you would not see any warnings or errors.)
  • Incomplete data for a nutrient amount
    If some components have amounts for a specific nutrient, but not some components do not, then Fillet notify you of this issue. Fillet will provide you with the incomplete calculation for that nutrient displayed with a warning.
  • Error preventing calculation
    This means that Fillet cannot calculate nutrition information because of errors. These errors may be caused by one or more components. For Fillet to calculate nutrient amounts, you must resolve the errors preventing calculation.
Tip: When entering nutrition information for an ingredient, you can enter amounts for all, some, or none of the nutrients. If you consistently enter amounts for the same nutrients, you can avoid issues and incomplete calculations. For example, you may want to focus on the six main nutrients in Fillet.


Fillet will show you a warning when there are issues that result in incomplete data:

Incomplete data means that during calculation, Fillet detected that some components have amounts for certain nutrients, while some other components have "No data" for those nutrients. This means that the calculation result may be inaccurate.

Typically, this occurs because you entered some nutrient amounts for some ingredients, but not amounts for different nutrients in other ingredients. This issue is compounded further as you create recipes and use recipes as components.

Solutions to warnings

  • Nutrient: If a nutrient is shown with a warning, this means that some components have no amounts entered for that nutrient.
  • Component: If a component is shown with a warning, go to that component and review its nutrition information. The issue might be nested inside a component’s component.
    You need to fix this issue in each component that has "No data" for that nutrient. When Fillet detects that all components have amounts for those particular nutrients, the warning will no longer be shown.


Fillet will alert you if there are any errors that prevent nutrition calculation:

Errors occur because of a component has unit conversion issues that prevent calculations. In such situations, Fillet cannot do calculations until you specify conversion for each unit of measurement that is causing issues. Learn more

Solutions to errors

First, review the components in the object (the recipe or menu item) and check for any errors. Then for each component with errors, specify conversion for the units of measurement that are causing issues. When the components inside the object have no more conversion issues, the error will no longer be shown.
If you still see an error, go to that component. Review its nutrition information and check for any conversion issues, such as no specified conversion for an abstract unit. For ingredients, the issue might be resolved when you set density. For recipes, the issue might be nested inside its component’s components.

Warnings and errors, at the same time

In certain situations, Fillet will display a warning and an error at the same time.

This is because an object (the recipe or menu item) can have incomplete nutrition data as well as conversion issues.

In these situations, you need to address the causes of the warnings and errors, which may have different causes.

You should start by reviewing the object’s nutrition information, specifically, the "Energy per Component" tab. This will help you to see which components have warning or errors. Then you can go to each of the problematic components to fix the issues there.