Specified versus represented countries

Learn the difference between "specified"country of origin and "represented"country of origin.


There is a notable difference between a "specified"country of origin and a "represented"country of origin.

Specified Country of Origin

"Specified country of origin"refers to a country of origin that inputted by the user for a specific ingredient.

You can only specify a country of origin for ingredients, and an ingredient can have only one specified country of origin.

If no country of origin is set for an ingredient, then you will see the message "Not specified"when viewing its country of origin information.

Unlike ingredients, recipes and menu items have "represented"country of origin.

Represented Country of Origin

"Represented country of origin"refers to a country that is represented in a composite object (recipe or menu item).

This means that one or more components in the object have that country as its country of origin.

As well, a composite object can have one or more countries of origin represented. This depends on the country of origin for each of its components. Learn more


Specified country of origin
Represented country of origin
Country of origin data is inputted by user
Country of origin data is aggregated based on components
Applies to ingredients
(base materials)
Applies to recipes
(composite, intermediate materials)
Applies to menu items
(composite, items for sale)
An object can have more than one