Sync your imported price data

After you use the Import Price Data tool, sync to access your data in the Fillet apps.

Data sync in Fillet apps

  • In the Fillet web app, refresh the page.
  • In the Fillet mobile apps, start data sync then wait for the sync to complete.

Basics of data sync

Syncing your Fillet data consists of two processes: download and upload

  • Download is the process of “pulling” your data down from Fillet.
  • Upload is the process of “pushing” your data up to Fillet.

Import Price Data and data sync

When you import price data, you are “pushing” data up to Fillet.

The option to delete all prices for your selected vendor is also a “push” process:

  • Firstly, all prices for that vendor are deleted.
  • Secondly, the prices created are saved for that vendor and pushed to up Fillet.
  • These two steps happen instantly during Import Price Data.

Syncing after import price data

Every time that you import price data, you should immediately sync your Fillet apps: this will “pull” your imported data from Fillet to your devices.

As well, this helps you to avoid issues caused by outdated data.

This is how Fillet apps manage data sync, that is, the “pull” and “push” processes:

  • For the Fillet iOS and iPadOS apps, data is synced automatically.
  • For the Fillet Android app, data is synced when you select “Sync” on the home screen.
  • For the Fillet web app, data is automatically “pushed” as you work, and you can “pull” data by going to the Sync tab.

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