Discover new opportunities

Fillet is used in more than 100,000 commercial kitchens around the world.

Join one of Fillet partner programs to engage with potential customers on the Fillet platform and grow your business.

Integration Partner Program

Get featured to businesses in your area. Participate in live video training courses. Learn about special deals available to partners.

School Partner Program

Fillet is taught in schools around the world. We provide online live video tutorial training courses and special deals for Fillet school partners.

Grow your business

Fillet partners are deeply integrated into the Fillet platform and work directly with the Fillet team of technology and data science experts.

Suppliers and Distributors

Receive orders from your customers by email. Confirm or decline orders. Notify customers about changes to their orders.


Standardize branding and marketing across the Fillet platform. Publish announcements and detailed product information including nutrition.