Anticipated release cycle

Learn about the phases of Fillet Origins releases.


The release cycle of Fillet Origins consists of several phases:

  • Phase 1, Input data
  • Phase 2, Aggregates and analysis
  • Phase 3, Reports and data export

Phase 1, Input data

Phase 1 integrates ISO 3166, which is the International Standard for country codes and codes for their subdivisions. ISO 3166 has three parts, and Fillet Origins uses “ISO 3166-1:2020”, which is “Part 1: Country code”.

Phase 1 is available now, exclusively in the Fillet web app. Use the Fillet web app to input a country of origin for your ingredients.

By integrating ISO 3166, Fillet Origins helps you to avoid errors when inputing, tracking, and maintaining records about country of origin data.

Phase 2, Aggregates and analysis

Phase 2 builds upon the data that you inputted in Phase 1 as well as your existing Fillet data like recipes and menu items. In this release of Fillet Origins, you can create, view, and manage composites, such as items for sale (menu items) and intermediary materials (recipes).

Phase 3, Reports and data export

Phase 3 focuses on reports that you can print, export, and share with your team. These reports will range from “high-level” overviews of collated information to “exploded view”, raw data representations that provide granular details.