Inventory Locations

Inventory locations are locations where Ingredients are kept in stock.


There are two types of Locations in Fillet: Inventory locations and Shipping Locations.

Inventory Locations are locations where your Ingredients are stored. You can track amounts of Ingredients in different Inventory Locations using the Inventory feature.

  • See a list of all amounts in all Inventory Locations and Unspecified Locations. Then enter amounts you want to deduct from Inventory.
  • If you want to see your Inventory locations, go to your Inventory.
Note: Inventory locations are not used with Orders.

You can create a Shipping Location that has the same address as an existing Inventory location. Then you can use this new Shipping Location with Orders.

About Inventory Locations

An Inventory Location is a location where your Ingredients are stored.

To set up a new inventory location, simply enter a name. Then you can use it for your inventory counts.

If your business stocks ingredients in several different locations, you can create Inventory locations for each one. For example, “Main kitchen”, “Mobile kitchen”, “Warehouse”.

If you have a single kitchen, you still have plenty of options. You can simply create one Inventory location, for example, “Kitchen”. Or you can get more complex, for example, “Reach-in refrigerator”, “Walk-in refrigerator”, “Undercounter refrigerator”, “Bar fridge”, etc.