Cost calculation


Put recipes inside other recipes.
Save yourself time and effort by creating template recipes. Insert base recipes into complex recipes. Reuse sub-recipes in endless combinations.

When you change a sub-recipe such as "pie crust" the cost is automatically updated for you in all recipes and menu items that contain it such as "apple pie", "pumpkin pie", and "blueberry pie".

Available on iOS, Android, and web.

Labor cost

Factor in labor costs into total cost of production.
Specify cost per hour for different activities. Compare food costs versus labor costs. Add descriptions to each activity for easy reference.

When you create an activity like "Wash lemons and cut into slices", you can add them to recipes ("Basic lemon sauce") as well as menu items ("Lemon cake, serves 8"). See how much labor cost different components add to your products.

Available on web.

Track waste

Spoilage and waste eat away at your margins.
Record incidents of waste to improve total food costing accuracy. Update your inventory to reflect amounts of wasted ingredients.

When you record a waste incident for an ingredient such as "Bananas", you log details about what happened ("3 kg; Damaged in shipment"). You can also update your inventory at the same time ("Bananas; -3kg").

Available on iOS.

Inventory and ordering

Inventory management

See the current amounts of ingredients that you have in stock.
Get an overview of total amounts of an ingredient across different locations.
On iOS, use barcode scan or name search to look up an ingredient and update inventory amounts.

When you do stock takes, you can add a new ingredient to your inventory on the go. You can scan the ingredient's barcode or simply enter its name. This ingredient is then available throughout the app.

Available on iOS, Android, and web.

Rapid stock takes

Instantly update your inventory when ingredients are consumed.
Update ingredient amounts in multiple locations at the same time. View remaining amounts of ingredients in each location.

When you make a recipe, you can update your inventory to reflect ingredient amounts used in that recipe. This keeps your inventory data fresh.

Available on iOS.

Send purchase orders

Send orders to your suppliers to purchase ingredients. You can send multiple orders to multiple suppliers at the same time. Get notifications when suppliers confirm your orders.

When you send orders to your suppliers, they can confirm your order status online, even if they don't use Fillet. You can view the status of your current orders. You can also view a list of your order history.

Available on iOS, Android, and web.

Prepare items for sale


Save photos for recipes, menu items, and ingredients.
Create reference photos as guides to preparation techniques, plating, packaging, and more. View an ingredient photo for reference when searching for it in your stockroom.

When you create a photo, it automatically syncs to all your other devices.
If you have a Team plan, all Organization members have access to saved photos.

Available on iOS and Android.

List of all ingredients

See all ingredients contained in a menu item or recipe.
Check the ingredients list for your products and menu items before you start selling them, including nested sub-recipes. View a recipe's ingredients to make substitutions or variations.

When you do final review of your menu items, you can watch out for specific ingredients that must excluded. This is especially useful when designing products for special diets.

Available on iOS and Android.

Costs versus profits

Set better prices to get more profit.
Fillet automatically calculates your profits based on cost of components. See how much each component adds to production cost. Compare percentages for food cost versus labor cost. Modify menu item components to recalibrate cost.

When you make changes to a product, Fillet instantly recalculates your costs versus profits. If you make changes to recipes or ingredients contained in a menu item, Fillet updates menu items with those changes.

Available on iOS, Android, and web.