Density is the amount of mass per volume for an Ingredient.

About Density

When you set an Ingredient’s density, you can do calculations using any mass unit or volume unit.

Fillet will automatically convert between standard units for you:

  • mass to mass
  • volume to volume
  • mass to volume
Conversion Example
mass to mass kilogram (kg) to pounds (lbs)
volume to volume gallon (gal) to litre (L)
mass to volume milligrams (mg) to millilitres (mL)

Note: Density does not use Abstract Units.

Ingredient Flour
Density 1 cup = 125 g
Conversion volume to mass

Set density

Set density to specify conversion for an Ingredient:

iOS and iPadOS
  1. Select an ingredient.
  2. Tap Set Density.
  3. In Specify Conversion, enter volume and mass conversion. You can also modify volume units and mass units.

After you’re done, Density will be saved to that Ingredient.

This conversion can now be referenced by any Recipes and Menu Items that use this Ingredient.

Mass Volume
1 lb = 1.5 qt
2 kg = 1 L
25 g = 1 tbsp

Resolve calculation errors in Recipes and Menu Items

If an Ingredient does not have Density set, Recipes or Menu Items using that Ingredient will have calculation errors.

To resolve these errors, go to that Ingredient then set density to specify conversion.

After you’re done, the errors in those Recipes or Menu Items will automatically resolve.