Sales (B2C)

Set up your Sales details: Username, Delivery and Pickup options.


Set up Sales

  • Create or sign in to your Fillet account.
  • Set up your Sales details: Username, Delivery and Pickup options.
  • Set up your Menu Items.
  • Share your website:
    • QR code, and
    • website link.
  • Manage your orders in Sales (in our Android app).

Your Sales details

iOS and iPadOS
  1. Go to My Business Profile.

    If you are a Fillet Organization user, go to My Organizations to select your Organization account.

  2. In My Business Profile, set up your Sales details:
    • Enter a Username:

      This is your website.

    • Toggle the Delivery option to tell customers that you can deliver to them.
    • Toggle the Pickup option to tell customers that they can pickup their orders.

Sale process from start to finish

  1. Customer goes to your website and submits their Order.
  2. Customer receives email confirmation that their order was sent. You will also receive a copy of the email.
  3. In Sales, you will see this Sale in the New tab. (Fillet Android app.)
  4. Confirm or decline the Sale to notify the customer.

    Sale will move to Confirmed tab or History tab, if you declined.

  5. Change the Sale status to Ready to notify the customer that you finished preparing their order.

    Sale will move to Ready tab.

  6. After pickup or delivery, mark the Sale as Completed.

    Customer will be notified, and Sale will move to History tab.