Fillet Glossary

Term Definition
Ingredient An Ingredient is a product used in Recipes and Menu Items.
Recipe Recipes are combinations of Ingredients and other Recipes (Subrecipes).
Menu Item Menu Items are your items for sale.
Price A Price is the purchase price of an Ingredient that is purchased from your supplier.
Supplier A Supplier (Purveyors or Vendors) sells Ingredients.
Order An Order is a purchase order that is sent to your supplier.
Inventory Count An Inventory Count records the amount of an Ingredient you have in stock at a specific date and time.
Inventory Location An Inventory Location is a location where your Ingredients are stored.
Shipping Location A Shipping Location is a location where your Orders can be delivered.
Organization Organizations is a type of Fillet account that is shared by Organization Administrator with Team Members.
Density Density is the amount of mass per volume for an Ingredient.
Edible Portion Edible Portion (“EP”) is the usable part of an Ingredient. This is also known as usable portion.
Layers Layers shows the chain of relationships between a component and the top-level object that contains it: