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Feature Core Pro
Import Price Data

Import Price Data is a tool that helps you to quickly import large amounts of ingredient price data into Fillet.

Labor cost

Calculate labor cost for recipes and menu items, and see a breakdown of labor cost.

Track waste
Nutrition for your Ingredients, Recipes, and Menu Items
Inventory tools

Save photos for recipes, menu items, and ingredients.

Layers for Recipes
Layers for Menu Items
Country of origin for each ingredient in the selected recipe.
Origins data by mass versus volume

Switch between the Mass option and Volume option to view Origins data in different modes.

View the Country of Origin tab of the Recipes tab
View the Country of Origin tab of the Menu tab
Generate geographic images for packaging and promotion.
Country of origin labelling

Country of origin labelling for food to be sold at retail in Australia.

Review Australia country of origin claims for menu items and download assets.

You can download standard marks for your menu items your preferred format: PDF or PNG

A photo of food preparation.