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ABOUT US is a gelato company in Indonesia. They create unique flavours inspired by travel memories and regional ingredients.

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Chinese Kitchen Matsurika

中華キッチン茉莉花様・Chinese Kitchen Matsurika is a restaurant in Iwaki, Japan that cooks healthy seasonal food using local ingredients.

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Megmi Farm Vegan Baker

株式会社恵実ファーム・Megmi Farm Vegan Baker is a vegan bakery in Kumamoto, which is a city on the Japanese island of Kyushu.

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Panetteria Ottimo Massimo

Panetteria Ottimo Massimo is a Italian bakery in Osaka, Japan. They specialize in traditional Italian recipes and custom-order breads.

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Patissiere Nao

Patissiere Nao is a pastry chef in Chiba, Japan who creates a wide range of baked treats: sourdough bread, cakes, cookies, quiche, and delicious desserts.

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Montana, USA

Banjarmasin, Indonesia

Ontario, Canada

Alberta, Canada

Tokyo, Japan

Singapore, Singapore

Quebec, Canada

Fukushima, Japan

Kumamoto, Japan


Chiba, Japan

Saitama, Japan

Springs, South Africa


Hokkaido, Japan

Falmouth, UK

Yamaguchi, Japan